Energage joins the WorkplaceDynamics family!

We’ve united to energize and engage the human spirit to make the world a better place to work together.

Who is WorkplaceDynamics?

Sharing our dedication to employee engagement, WorkplaceDynamics started the Top Workplaces project in 2006. Since then, they’ve surveyed more than 14 million employees to discover and share best practices.

Now, thousands of leaders trust them to help unlock potential and inspire performance. We’re excited that Catalytic Coaching will soon complement their current solutions.

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How this helps you

All the value you’re used to won’t change:

  • The entire team you’ve grown to trust will stay dedicated to your success.
  • Gary Markle will remain committed to all clients as Senior Vice President of Energage.
  • You’ll get the personal support you expect from the same committed team you know.

So what is changing?

  • We’ll be building a more improved and robust Catalytic Coaching toolkit.
  • You’ll unlock even more value as we integrate with their powerful engagement tools.


Any questions or concerns?  Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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