Life Leverage

By Garold Markle “I know how to mow my lawn.  I just don’t do it.”  These words were used by an entrepreneurial CEO to exemplify a valuable lesson he’d learned about time management as he grew his company from start-up to sixteen million dollars.

Willful Optimism

Sometimes inspiration comes in the form of necessity.You lose your job, break your arm or get sick.You receive a DUI, lose a loved one or the bank forecloses on your residence.You didn’t ask for it, didn’t want it, but now must deal with an unexpected mandate to change.

Your Most Valuable Possession

What would you consider your most valuable possession?  When I first asked myself this question, I went down the typical list of possibilities.  We have a beautiful home.  And I really like my car.  Many envy my home theater and I take great pride in my extensive music collection.  I don’t have much art or … Continue Reading »

Parting Words

I’m getting far too good at delivering eulogies.  My wife has become way too experienced in managing the dissolution of estates.  In the last eighteen months, we’ve lost four close family members (one parent and three siblings) to tragic circumstances. 

Balanced By Design

“Work-Life Balance” is an area for improvement that comes up a lot in executive coaching conversations, especially with hard chargers in search of advancement.  Noting perceived imbalance on an evaluation or coaching form and sharing your concern with a direct report, however, seldom yields either insight or behavior change.  You’ve got to dig a little … Continue Reading »

Parting Gift

I lost a very close friend recently.  Over the nearly quarter century that I’ve known George Phares, he gave me many gifts, so I shouldn’t be surprised that the trend continued with his parting. George was a comrade in arms.  He was like a big brother.  When I arrived at corporate headquarters as a Fortune … Continue Reading »

The Will to Overcome Everything

Meet my new hero, Mr. Tellman Knudson.  Despite the rustic appearance and unusual name, he’s not an Alaskan dogsled racer.  Tellman is actually a very savvy business owner and, some believe, a new age marketing genius.  He’s also a noble inspiration that can teach us all something valuable about ourselves, our lives and our challenges.  … Continue Reading »