My Tribe

  A good friend and brilliant author, Susan Scott, once said, “When I found Vistage, I found my tribe.”  I couldn’t agree more. I spent the first seventeen years of my business life working for companies perched at the top of the Fortune 500: Exxon-Mobil, Shell, and Phelps Dodge (the world’s largest copper company). 

Who’s Got Your Back?

It is widely recognized that the more successful you become, the less critical feedback you should expect to receive.  Yet, CEOs, presidents and other business leaders seldom take steps to counteract this natural occurring phenomenon.  Even when they hire people to protect their blind side, they often fail to deploy them correctly.  If you’re a … Continue Reading »

When Zombies Attack

I have a new recurring dream that involves zombies.  More specifically, large numbers of what appear to be walking dead slowly marching with outstretched arms to surround a building across the street from where I am located.  I see frightened people trapped inside that don’t know what to do.  Their options seem to include barricading … Continue Reading »