Catalytic Coaching Online App, Available Now on the ADP Marketplace!

Energage creates Catalytic Coaching Online to Help Companies and Employees have Meaningful Two-Way Career Development Conversations Application available for use on ADP’s Marketplace—the first ever cloud-based app ecosystem for the HCM industry— beginning April 2016 Ellijay, Georgia – April 2016 – Energage today announced the availability of Catalytic Coaching Online for download on ADP® Marketplace … Continue Reading »

Putting Your Super Power to Work

Superman can fly.  The Flash can run really fast.  Wonder Woman is not only super strong, she’s got bulletproof jewelry.  So, what’s your super power?  What skill or ability do you possess that is out of the ordinary and how have you harnessed that super power in your work?   What special gift have you been … Continue Reading »

Getting Personal

At its core, the employment relationship is deeply and intensely personal.  You go to the market looking for employees and people show up!   When they cross the portal to your business, they bring with them their families, their health and their outside interests.  Work is a semi-permeable membrane. You can either talk with your people … Continue Reading »