The Great Unraveling of a Grand and Inglorious Tradition

by Garold Markle   The jury has returned.  The verdict is in.  Performance reviews (a.k.a. employee evaluations), as practiced for the past six decades by the vast majority of the Fortune 500, are no longer regarded as viable business practices.  If you’re still doing them, it’s only a matter of time before you feel pressure … Continue Reading »

Deloitte, Buckingham and Accenture: A Clue Without a Key

By Garold L. Markle   The verdict is finally in. “People hate performance evaluations!  Employees find them demeaning and managers consider them a colossal waste of time.”  I’ve been saying that for twenty years, but it now appears to have become obvious to even the staunchest of traditionalists.  That’s right, the companies who sold you … Continue Reading »

Listen First to Coach Better

Coach Dan’s Corner Great coaching rises above one-way communication where knowledge and wisdom continuously flow from the experienced coach to the team member. Great coaching stems from being an excellent communicator and that must include effective listening. Coaches must first seek to understand where the other person wants to go, so that any advice or … Continue Reading »

The Weakness Trap

What is the best thing to do with a weakness?  According to the Gallup Poll data, the most successful managers don’t normally try to fix an employee’s weakness.  Instead, they work around it.  Ignore it, if possible.  While this sounds counter intuitive to some, it actually agrees with what most of us have noticed in … Continue Reading »

The Frogger Economy

Remember the 1980s computer game with the animated frog whose mission was to cross several lanes of fast moving cars?  To do so successfully, he had to hop forward twice then move quickly to the right, jump back a space, leap twice forward, sashay to the left and then scurry forward two more spaces – … Continue Reading »

A Gift of Oprah

I received the most unusual gift recently on my birthday.  I was actually asked to dedicate a book to Oprah Winfrey.  Now, before you get too excited, let me explain further.  It’s a heck of a story. Yvonne McLaughlin is a Purchasing Manager at Lavelle Industries, an Energage client in southern Wisconsin who likes to … Continue Reading »