The Great Unraveling of a Grand and Inglorious Tradition

by Garold Markle   The jury has returned.  The verdict is in.  Performance reviews (a.k.a. employee evaluations), as practiced for the past six decades by the vast majority of the Fortune 500, are no longer regarded as viable business practices.  If you’re still doing them, it’s only a matter of time before you feel pressure … Continue Reading »

Deloitte, Buckingham and Accenture: A Clue Without a Key

By Garold L. Markle   The verdict is finally in. “People hate performance evaluations!  Employees find them demeaning and managers consider them a colossal waste of time.”  I’ve been saying that for twenty years, but it now appears to have become obvious to even the staunchest of traditionalists.  That’s right, the companies who sold you … Continue Reading »

Rethinking the Salary Incentive at Tax Time

By Garold L. Markle, CEO, Energage, Inc. With tax season upon us, employees are more acutely aware of how their salaries match their career and lifestyle objectives. It’s a rare person who feels he is being overpaid for his job; quite the opposite. This perpetual tension results from measuring employee worth by salary, and it serves neither the … Continue Reading »

Pay for Performance = The Big Lie

When it comes to the annual ritual of handing out raises, the seemingly sacrosanct touchstone that we refer to as “pay for performance” is either a massive misunderstanding or a big lie.  You don’t pay for performance with base salaries in your organization.  You can’t pay for performance with base salaries in your organization.  Most … Continue Reading »

Death by Documentation

Contrary to popular belief, the best way to protect an organization from discrimination lawsuits has very little to do with file documentation.  Rather, the secret to minimizing legal exposure is to curb righteous indignation.  The people who sue you are angry.  The people who sue you are hurt.  They are surprised.  Embarrassed. Because they are … Continue Reading »