Listen First to Coach Better

Coach Dan’s Corner Great coaching rises above one-way communication where knowledge and wisdom continuously flow from the experienced coach to the team member. Great coaching stems from being an excellent communicator and that must include effective listening. Coaches must first seek to understand where the other person wants to go, so that any advice or … Continue Reading »

Resurrection and Reinvention: The Harvin Moore Story

Harvin Moore had it all.  And then he didn’t.  In a flash, or more accurately, with the stroke of a pen, it was all gone.  Not only did Harvin lose his lucrative real-estate development business and the savings and loan he created along with it, he also lost his home, his family and his ability … Continue Reading »

Who’s Got Your Back?

It is widely recognized that the more successful you become, the less critical feedback you should expect to receive.  Yet, CEOs, presidents and other business leaders seldom take steps to counteract this natural occurring phenomenon.  Even when they hire people to protect their blind side, they often fail to deploy them correctly.  If you’re a … Continue Reading »