Coaching for Succession

by Garold L. Markle   Catalytic Coaching, performed properly, is not an administrative add-on.  It is, quite simply, how a manager does her job.  It’s how an employee actively navigates his career.  As such, it is a powerful aid for assisting executives in performing one of their paramount responsibilities – succession planning. Jim Collins says … Continue Reading »

Listen First to Coach Better

Coach Dan’s Corner Great coaching rises above one-way communication where knowledge and wisdom continuously flow from the experienced coach to the team member. Great coaching stems from being an excellent communicator and that must include effective listening. Coaches must first seek to understand where the other person wants to go, so that any advice or … Continue Reading »

Parting Words

I’m getting far too good at delivering eulogies.  My wife has become way too experienced in managing the dissolution of estates.  In the last eighteen months, we’ve lost four close family members (one parent and three siblings) to tragic circumstances. 

Career vs. Job

One of my favorite questions to ask an auditorium full of employees is, “How many of you have a career?”  The hands usually go up rather slowly.  Audience members glance around the room at colleagues to determine whether or not they should self-identify.  Isn’t it a bit ironic, however, that anyone who works has a … Continue Reading »

The Proven Path to Promotion

  There is a very simple secret to climbing the corporate ladder that has been utilized successfully for years.  In fact, I would guess that a majority of those who today hold senior executive positions followed this reliable route on their trajectory to the top.  And once they gain admission to this exclusive club, they … Continue Reading »

Trimming Out The Deadwood

Jack Welch, former General Electric CEO and Fortune magazine’s “Manager of the Century”, pioneered many benchmark-worthy world class business practices.  According to W. Edwards Deming, a person many believe to be the founder of the Quality Movement, however, Welch’s much ballyhooed performance evaluation system was not one of them.  And when it comes to the … Continue Reading »

Brrrrrrrrr!!!!! Motivating Without Money in a Salary Freeze

In the middle of a seemingly endless heat wave, isn’t it ironic that so many businesses have salary systems that are frozen? By presidential decree, U.S. government institutions and all federal contractors can distribute no merit pay increases either this year or next.  No matter how solvent the organization or how significant an individual contribution, base … Continue Reading »

Catalytic Coaching On The Brain

Brain Science Helps Explain Why Nontraditional System Works by Garold L. Markle Magaly Rodriguez was a young teenager when a massive revolution swept her native country of Cuba. Seemingly overnight, everything shifted.  A dictator was ousted, big industries were nationalized, wealth was redistributed and a traditionally Catholic country shifted swiftly to atheistic communism. Then came … Continue Reading »

Employees, Associates or Human Resources: What’s in a Name?

In 1989 the American Society for Personnel Administration (founded some 41 years earlier) changed their name to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).   I’d been attracted to the profession by a large international corporation that called the function Employee Relations, and never really liked the new name.  At the time, I was uncertain as … Continue Reading »

Putting Your Super Power to Work

Superman can fly.  The Flash can run really fast.  Wonder Woman is not only super strong, she’s got bulletproof jewelry.  So, what’s your super power?  What skill or ability do you possess that is out of the ordinary and how have you harnessed that super power in your work?   What special gift have you been … Continue Reading »