3 Takeaways from our latest Conversions

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” ~Anthony J. D’Angelo Over 17 years have passed since Gary Markle first sat down and laid the foundations of Catalytic Coaching. In that time, countless companies have made the conversion and embraced employee engagement through Coaching. They haven’t been the only … Continue Reading »

Catalytic Coaching Online App, Available Now on the ADP Marketplace!

Energage creates Catalytic Coaching Online to Help Companies and Employees have Meaningful Two-Way Career Development Conversations Application available for use on ADP’s Marketplace—the first ever cloud-based app ecosystem for the HCM industry— beginning April 2016 Ellijay, Georgia – April 2016 – Energage today announced the availability of Catalytic Coaching Online for download on ADP® Marketplace … Continue Reading »

Making News Again!

HR Answers: Employee Review Questions by Stephanie Schwenn Sebring With 25 years of marketing and communications experience, Stephanie Schwenn Sebring established and managed the marketing departments for three CUs. As owner of Fab Prose & Professional Writing, her focus is on assisting CUs and industry suppliers with their communications needs. For the full, original article, … Continue Reading »

The Employee Iceberg

By: Garold (Gary) L. Markle As an HR generalist in a series of Fortune 500 corporations, I was instructed to treat employees more like “resources” than “humans.” We went to great lengths to focus on “the worker” while avoiding as much as possible anything personal.  What I soon discovered, however, is that when you go … Continue Reading »

The Online Advantage

By: Garold (Gary) Markle Ten Essential Ways Catalytic Coaching Online Increases Effectiveness, Efficiency, and User Experience For more than a decade I repeated the mantra, “Catalytic Coaching is not about the forms. It’s about the conversation!” While I still believe in the sentiment that underlines that declaration, I’ve learned

Secret Sauce

SECRET SAUCE          by Garold L. Markle It’s not uncommon for an enthusiastic auditor of my CEO workshop to declare that he’s identified the secret sauce that makes Catalytic Coaching both unique and effective.  “It’s the Yellow Sheet!” he’ll say definitively.  Someone else might argue that it’s the way we drive employee engagement

Your Most Valuable Possession

What would you consider your most valuable possession?  When I first asked myself this question, I went down the typical list of possibilities.  We have a beautiful home.  And I really like my car.  Many envy my home theater and I take great pride in my extensive music collection.  I don’t have much art or … Continue Reading »

Parting Words

I’m getting far too good at delivering eulogies.  My wife has become way too experienced in managing the dissolution of estates.  In the last eighteen months, we’ve lost four close family members (one parent and three siblings) to tragic circumstances. 

My Tribe

  A good friend and brilliant author, Susan Scott, once said, “When I found Vistage, I found my tribe.”  I couldn’t agree more. I spent the first seventeen years of my business life working for companies perched at the top of the Fortune 500: Exxon-Mobil, Shell, and Phelps Dodge (the world’s largest copper company).