In Your Company

With most change initiatives we are taught to start at the top with executives, working our way down through managers and supervisors to all employees. Even in a system that is supposed to treat them as the ultimate customer, employees are often the last to know what is going on. As a result, new ideas and concepts feel like they “roll down” on people. Employees of all types fear change and this only adds to the fear factor. The net effect is a resistance to even the most overwhelmingly positive change.

Our approach to system implementation results in greater buy-in, the belief that change can be an ally and new ideas are embraced.




As with any change management event, proper training is imperative for all levels. Following this up-side down approach rather than the traditional top-down method will maximize the long-term success and sustainability of the program.    

Step 1 = Employee Orientation (An introduction to Catalytic Coaching and training of all employees on how to be coachable) In Catalytic Coaching Online or for On-site training contact us.

Step 2 = Coaches Workshop (Detailed review, practice and role-playing with managers learning how to coach) In Catalytic Coaching Online or for On-site training contact us.

Step 3 = In-Flight Training (Real-time form preparation and guided delivery assistance with live sessions) For On-site training contact us.

Step 4 = Coach2 & Process Coordinator Training (Review of current difficult cases and follow-up steps for ongoing coaching assistance through internal resources) At the Catalytic Coaching Course