In the Course

As a Course attendee, you will become the Catalytic Coaching expert for your company. You will leave the course as a certified Coach2 having received the advanced coaching skills required of a “Coach of Coaches.” If your company has not been through a professionally facilitated system conversion, the Catalytic Coaching Course will provide you with the framework you may be missing. If you have been campaigning for a change in paradigm, the course will give you the information you need. The Catalytic Coaching Course allows for the perfect training opportunity for all of your new managers and human resource professionals. Get them certified and coaching their team members in no time.

The Catalytic Coaching Course will provide you with advanced communication skills like coaching delivery and listening techniques. You will learn how to perform the critically important “competency anchoring,” and how to do it well. You will be able to share best practices with a diverse group of like-minded peers. Expect to exchange ideas on how to integrate Catalytic Coaching with other aspects of your performance management systems, as well as how utilizing the system impacts company culture through employee engagement. Lastly, you will get hands on practice, applying theory to real cases through the whole process, role playing with your peers with real time feedback and group input on challenging coaching scenarios. At The Catalytic Coaching Course, you also get to experience the process through our cloud-based software, Catalytic Coaching Online.

Coach Dan Coaching

All this happens under the tutelage of the Head Coach himself, Gary Markle, architect of the Catalytic Coaching movement, and the practiced Energage team.


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