In the cloud

Catalytic Coaching Online


Catalytic Coaching Online is an automated and efficient approach to providing the tools you need to capture, share and organize your professional development information. It’s a process proven to energize and engage managers and employees – benefiting them and the companies they work for. Key features enable users to:

  • Save time
  • Conduct Virtual Training through the software
  • Ensure safe, effective storage of documents
  • Manage and track progress better
  • Communicate in a meaningful, effective way
  • Provide immediate feedback
  • Give/Receive coaching
  • Feel valued
  • Engage in an easy to understand process
  • Develop a meaningful career plan collaboratively

CCO will give you the best of both worlds – Gary Markle’s proven alternative to performance reviews seamlessly integrated into an easy to use online tool. It’s available anytime, anywhere, with built in support 365 days a year. It improves the quality of the conversation between coach and employee while ensuring a user friendly, well-managed experience.

CCO retains the traditional yellow Coaching Input Sheet, blue Coaching Worksheet and green Development Plan sheet used by Gary’s system for years but newly digitizes them. The result is:

  • Better organization of your Strengths and Areas for Improvement with the drag and drop re-sequencing tool; present them in the most effective way!
  • Easy editing – work on the sheets when you have time or go back later
  • Immediate feedback via a messaging system
  • Instant digital transfer of completed forms from employee to manager
  • Pre-populated Goals on the employee Development Plan that use the precise wording Coaches used in the Coaching Worksheet
  • Easy remote access
  • Intuitive interface with visuals that lay out the 3 step process clearly
  • My Team view for more convenient and cohesive management
  • Informative, explaining the philosophy behind CCO