Catalytic Coaching

Catalytic Coaching is a replacement for, not an addition to, traditional performance evaluations, and it is unique in three fundamental ways:

CONTENT (What Is Done)

Conversion Collage

  • No competitive rating or ranking of team members
  • No attempt to justify next year’s salary with last year’s performance.
  • Coaches help employees grow perceived strengths and develop areas for improvement.
  • Employees draft a development plan aimed at improving contributions in the current job and increasing potential for other opportunities, if desired.


Process (How It Is Done)

  •  Like in sports, Catalytic Coaching focuses on the future rather than the past.
  •  Supervisors complete one page per employee (not the average four to seven), reducing administrative burdens.
  •  The focus is on the conversation between manager and employee rather than the completion of a form for compliance purposes.


Roles (Of Those Who Do It)

  • Supervisors stop being a critic or judge, and function instead like a coach.
  • Employees take ownership of the process for personal development, graduating from the role of passive recipient of feedback to empowered career craftsmen.
  • Human Resource professionals become coaching consultants instead of process policemen, no longer chasing forms and hounding managers.


Catalytic Coaching delivers business results that drive the bottom-line.

Catalytic Coaching is about bringing out the best in people at work. Implemented correctly, it can help transform both individuals and their corporations by saving time, reducing stress and delivering in these key areas:

  • positive behavioral change
  • motivation to work hard
  • retention of key contributors
  • internal promotions and succession
  • prevention of and protection against lawsuits

What’s next?

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