Transformational Teambuilding

From a leader and followers, to team-based management that helps the organization make better decisions, faster, involving fewer people…

Transformational Teambuilding is a facilitated learning experience that guides an organization through the process of learning to run the business through the use of teams. It starts with the creation or confirmation of a Senior Leadership Team and the establishment of Team Operating Procedures.

An Energage Consultant functions as process coach to the leadership team as they learn to operate in a new way. We read a book together on team functioning while practicing the principles and techniques it advocates from the very first meeting. In early sessions, the Energage Consultant plays a very active role in forming meeting agendas and facilitating meeting processes. As time goes on, those responsibilities are assumed more and more by team members.


Program Deliverables

  • Creation or Validation of a Senior Leadership TeamTransform Team
  • Clarification of Roles and Responsibilities of Executive Team Members
  • Establishment of Team Operating Procedures
  • Learn How to Run the Business and Manage the Organization Through Teams
  • Learn to Share Team Leadership Responsibilities
  • Establish Procedures for Use of Project Teams
  • Teach Leader to Delegate without Losing Control
  • Help Team Members Gain Authority Commensurate with Responsibility
  • Acquire Skills to Design and Lead Effective and Efficient Meetings


Project Scope

The Transformational Teambuilding Process is built around internalization of the Team Handbook, by Peter Scholtes, et al. It begins with the introduction of the book and concludes with a graduation party following completion. Energage will provide facilitation of the learning process along with guidance for all meetings during this period. Our goal is to transfer these skills gradually to the group members. Hence, we will play a more dominant role in the beginning and provide less structure and guidance as team members learn to assume these duties. We would plan to be present at the first, second and perhaps third meetings, before allowing the group to go solo with background consultation before and after meetings. We’d plan to be physically present at least once a month and to participate in the concluding session and graduation celebration. The program should take between three and six months, depending on the pace deemed appropriate by the organization.