Shanna Beavers

Shanna Family

Director of Client Experience

Q: What does your average work week look like?

SB: I work Monday – Friday, on a flexible schedule. Most of my job revolves around our online and offline marketing efforts and project management.  I also handle Event Planning for Energage, which I consider icing on the cake!

Q: What would you consider a perk working at Energage?

SB:  We actually have many perks.  Our offices are nice and clean.  I listen to music while I work, it helps to keep me feeling upbeat.  Probably the most valuable perk for me is that we are family focused.  Being able to pick up my daughter after school and not needing to pay for after school care is such a big plus for me.  And having her visit me at work is pretty awesome, too.  Hearing her voice echo in the hall as she finds her way to my office is such a mood-booster!

Q: How would you describe your relationship with your co-workers?

SB: I have a great relationship with my Team Members. 

Energage employees embody Teamwork!  I worked for Energage years ago and left to pursue other things.  I never found an environment, like the one that exists at Energage, at other companies.  In past experiences at Energage, I learned that I thrive in a team environment.  It became so normal that I was surprised at the way other companies functioned without such an environment.  The negativity and unsupportive attitudes were debilitating.  I’m so happy to be part of this team, again.  I truly value my team members and their contribution to this company.

Q: What has Catalytic Coaching done for you?

SB:  Catalytic Coaching has empowered me.  I know that my career is in my hands.  Whether I want to climb the ladder or stay comfy and cozy right where I am, Catalytic Coaching has given me and my manager the tools necessary to ensure my success.  My manager is more like a partner and cheerleader for my career growth, which directly affects my attitude towards my job and keeps me engaged. 

Q: If you could sum up your experience at Energage in one or two sentences, what would you say?

SB: Working at Energage gives me the freedom to take care of my family and my career the way I need to. For me, that is priceless!