Coaching for Succession

by Garold L. Markle   Catalytic Coaching, performed properly, is not an administrative add-on.  It is, quite simply, how a manager does her job.  It’s how an employee actively navigates his career.  As such, it is a powerful aid for assisting executives in performing one of their paramount responsibilities – succession planning. Jim Collins says … Continue Reading »

Parting Gift

I lost a very close friend recently.  Over the nearly quarter century that I’ve known George Phares, he gave me many gifts, so I shouldn’t be surprised that the trend continued with his parting. George was a comrade in arms.  He was like a big brother.  When I arrived at corporate headquarters as a Fortune … Continue Reading »

The True Essence of Coaching: Brett Favre or Aaron Rodgers?

While I think I understand both the intent and the value of hiring an “executive coach” to assist a CEO or other senior officer in becoming more effective in his/her role as leader, I believe that we are abusing the metaphor of coaching through such use.  We are, in effect, watering it down.  Stripping it … Continue Reading »

Salmon Syndrome

It goes something like this.  When these hard charging executives were much younger and just starting out in their careers someone came along and offered them a promotion that involved 50% more work for a 10% increase in pay.  Those with Salmon Syndrome responded immediately by pumping their fists in the air and shouting enthusiastically … Continue Reading »

Coaching Family Members

To coach or not to coach? That is the question faced by many family-owned business leaders when there is a direct reporting relationship between people who share DNA.  Does it make sense for an entrepreneurial CEO to conduct a performance evaluation on a son, daughter, in-law, parent, or spouse?  If you perform such an activity, … Continue Reading »