3 Takeaways from our latest Conversions

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” ~Anthony J. D’Angelo Over 17 years have passed since Gary Markle first sat down and laid the foundations of Catalytic Coaching. In that time, countless companies have made the conversion and embraced employee engagement through Coaching. They haven’t been the only … Continue Reading »

Imaginary Dragons

by Garold Markle Sometimes the problem you think you see, is not the problem you actually have. When Carl, the CEO, described to me the difficulties he was having with Theron, his CFO, it sounded pretty bad.  There was no smoking gun, mind you.  Theron was more than competent, having successfully performed his job for … Continue Reading »

Customer Quilt

by Garold L. Markle After fourteen hours of planes, trains and automobiles, along with a smooth but still tedious border crossing, I found myself checking into a small hotel in rural Saskatchewan that was managed by the graduate of a course we’d just completed a month previously in Toronto.  Canalta Hotels is an Energage customer … Continue Reading »

Life Leverage

By Garold Markle “I know how to mow my lawn.  I just don’t do it.”  These words were used by an entrepreneurial CEO to exemplify a valuable lesson he’d learned about time management as he grew his company from start-up to sixteen million dollars.

Intellectual Inflation

Knowledge is fleeting.  Expertise is temporal.  If your know-how and skills are not continuously improving, you’re in a state of atrophy or decline.

Willful Optimism

Sometimes inspiration comes in the form of necessity.You lose your job, break your arm or get sick.You receive a DUI, lose a loved one or the bank forecloses on your residence.You didn’t ask for it, didn’t want it, but now must deal with an unexpected mandate to change.

Onward and Upward

Graduations should mean something.  So should promotions.   They don’t happen very often and they don’t occur accidentally.  They take effort, planning and perseverance.  As such, they should be savored and celebrated.  They should also be used to spark strategic reflection.

Heroes, Helpers and Hangers On

The Vice President of a large client organization described his role as a member of “The League of Heroes,” an informal assemblage of leaders who combine their energies in an attempt to combat the forces of evil.  Interestingly, in this case, evil is personified by the dispiriting and negatively infectious way a troubling number of … Continue Reading »

Parting Words

I’m getting far too good at delivering eulogies.  My wife has become way too experienced in managing the dissolution of estates.  In the last eighteen months, we’ve lost four close family members (one parent and three siblings) to tragic circumstances. 

Balanced By Design

“Work-Life Balance” is an area for improvement that comes up a lot in executive coaching conversations, especially with hard chargers in search of advancement.  Noting perceived imbalance on an evaluation or coaching form and sharing your concern with a direct report, however, seldom yields either insight or behavior change.  You’ve got to dig a little … Continue Reading »