Efficient for You is Scary for Me

by Garold Markle   I recently met with a project team who was trying to increase employee ownership of a new change initiative.  They were tasked with the introduction of a new medical information management system that would greatly enhance efficiency and improve patient experience.  To them, the benefits were so large and obvious that … Continue Reading »

Imaginary Dragons

by Garold Markle Sometimes the problem you think you see, is not the problem you actually have. When Carl, the CEO, described to me the difficulties he was having with Theron, his CFO, it sounded pretty bad.  There was no smoking gun, mind you.  Theron was more than competent, having successfully performed his job for … Continue Reading »

The Power of Personalization

  by Garold Markle A key difference between a good coaching session and a breakthrough, life-changing coaching encounter is the degree to which the conversation is personalized to the individual being coached.  The better a manager is at describing current reality and/or future potential in terms that impact the specific individual being addressed, the more … Continue Reading »

The Employee Iceberg

By: Garold (Gary) L. Markle As an HR generalist in a series of Fortune 500 corporations, I was instructed to treat employees more like “resources” than “humans.” We went to great lengths to focus on “the worker” while avoiding as much as possible anything personal.  What I soon discovered, however, is that when you go … Continue Reading »

Customer Quilt

by Garold L. Markle After fourteen hours of planes, trains and automobiles, along with a smooth but still tedious border crossing, I found myself checking into a small hotel in rural Saskatchewan that was managed by the graduate of a course we’d just completed a month previously in Toronto.  Canalta Hotels is an Energage customer … Continue Reading »

Listen First to Coach Better

Coach Dan’s Corner Great coaching rises above one-way communication where knowledge and wisdom continuously flow from the experienced coach to the team member. Great coaching stems from being an excellent communicator and that must include effective listening. Coaches must first seek to understand where the other person wants to go, so that any advice or … Continue Reading »

Your Most Valuable Possession

What would you consider your most valuable possession?  When I first asked myself this question, I went down the typical list of possibilities.  We have a beautiful home.  And I really like my car.  Many envy my home theater and I take great pride in my extensive music collection.  I don’t have much art or … Continue Reading »

HR: Catbert or Creative Culture Catalyst?

In the popular comic strip, “Dilbert” the character “Catbert” is normally introduced as “the Evil Director of HR.”  As someone who has spent more than thirty years in the Human Resource profession, this has always bothered me.  After all, most HR professionals will tell you that we joined the discipline “because we like people,” or … Continue Reading »

My Tribe

  A good friend and brilliant author, Susan Scott, once said, “When I found Vistage, I found my tribe.”  I couldn’t agree more. I spent the first seventeen years of my business life working for companies perched at the top of the Fortune 500: Exxon-Mobil, Shell, and Phelps Dodge (the world’s largest copper company). 

The Power of Praise

  During a performance review, it’s quite common for a direct report to ask you to skip the good stuff and go right to the things they need to change.  This is particularly common with high performers who request you to forget the perfunctory preamble about Strengths and jump directly to the Areas for Improvement. … Continue Reading »