The Clever Coach: 5 Tips for Capturing Examples


Your Coaching cycle has arrived!

Now is your chance to detail important examples, achievements, and events on your Yellow sheet.  
Unfortunately this is usually the moment when your mind goes blank or maybe it wanders back to your email inbox or to the merry squirrels outside the office window.  


With everything employees have to juggle, it’s no wonder those individual examples get lost in the sea of memory.  It can be the most frustrating part of getting through your Coaching cycle.  

We’ve got a few tips and tricks for taking the stress out of your Coaching Input sheets!

1)  Use that Coaching Journal

At the click of your mouse, you can capture those moments in a quick reminder that is stored right there in your Catalytic Coaching Online account.  No one else will be able to see your journal, so you can feel comfortable recording anything that catches your attention.


When you’re working on your Yellow sheets, you can just copy and paste the info into the fields they need to go in.

Coming Soon:  You’ve already heard about us joining the WorkplaceDyanmics family and the fantastic opportunities that have opened up.  We’re working with the new team on a list of improvements to the software.  One of our to-dos is a feature that would make it easy to drop those examples within the Coaching Journal into the fields within each sheet.  So there’s something you can look forward to.


2)  Send yourself a Note

Something literally just happened and you’re nowhere near a computer.  Maybe you guys haven’t jumped into the software yet, so you don’t have that handy Coaching Journal provided for you.  

In these ever connected times, it’s pretty rare for us to be without those tiny computers aka Smartphones.  Shoot yourself a text or email with as much detail as you can muster.

Have a Catalytic Coaching Online account?  You can sign in with your phone!  The software is responsive and accessible anywhere you have a Network connection.  Now your Coaching Journal is at your fingertips!     


3)  Get Dedicated

Set a reminder for yourself on a regular schedule to make or compile your notes.  Give yourself 10 or 15 minutes at least once a month to get those notes captured.  It’s a tiny increment of time that will save you vast amounts of headache in the long run.      


4)  Be picky… but not too picky

You don’t have to document every little thing or use every example you document when it comes time to fill in your Coaching Input sheet.  The quality of the example itself and how it fits with your narrative are much more important than having tons of examples.  

Don’t let yourself get tripped up on finding the perfect word or phase either.  You don’t have to get fancy.  Keep it simple.  You can fill in extra information as you discuss each section with your Coach.      


5)  Let’s do the Time Warp

Well that’s all great advice, but how is it going to help you remember those examples for THIS cycle?  Even if you made a note, sometimes there’s some little detail you wish you’d remembered to jot down.  Maybe there was some specific customer feedback you need to bring up or a particularly challenging collaboration that was well navigated.  

Take a moment to search through your email, direct messaging, calendar entries, or CRM.  You might be surprised how many “Oh, yeah!” moments you’ll have.  


With a little prep work, navigating your Coaching journey will get easier and be the perfect outlet for your professional development.  We’ll have some articles on that Blue Sheet soon.  Already on your Development Plan?  Need some help with setting those goals?  Check out The Clever Coach: Green Sheet Tips!


Still stuck on something?  Hit a bump in the Coaching road?  

We’re here to smooth that out for you!  

Just reach out to Jessica, our Client Experience Specialist, at 678-951-0602 or