3 Takeaways from our latest Conversions


“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” ~Anthony J. D’Angelo

Over 17 years have passed since Gary Markle first sat down and laid the foundations of Catalytic Coaching. In that time, countless companies have made the conversion and embraced employee engagement through Coaching.
They haven’t been the only ones to benefit from the learning experience. Every new member to the Catalytic Coaching family has something to teach us and we’re eager to learn and grow.
We were recently privileged to provide live onsite training at two fantastic companies: Rada Cutlery in Iowa and Quandel Enterprises in Pennsylvania.
Here’s a few quick takeaways from our recent conversions:

1. Always start at the top.
While our training itself starts with a company wide Employee Orientation, it’s the In-Flight Training (IFTs) done with the Executives that makes the magic work. These in-depth one-on-one sessions take the CEO and their direct report all the way through the Catalytic Coaching process under the guidance of our expert consultants.
“Performed properly, coaching provided by the CEO to the COO will directly influence how the COO coaches his/her direct reports, which will, in turn, shape and inform how they coach those who report to them.” ~Gary Markle
The heir apparent of one company saw how this could get their people off on the best foot and managed to squeeze as many people as they could schedule into IFTs. Now they feel excited to jump in with both feet.
A spunky CEO of another company has all the energy of a supernova, but couldn’t finish his training. That’s left some ambiguity and could lead to confusion later down the road as they go through the Coaching process.
In both cases, there’s enthusiasm for what Coaching will do for their company. We’re ready in the wings to jump in and help navigate the employee engagement waters. Each company ultimately finds a stride that works for them.
Everyone will follow their example when they embrace their employees and shepherd in a new era for their company.

2. Raise. Don’t settle.
It can be easy to set the bar low to avoid failing expectations or making your workforce uncomfortable. Don’t fall into that trap. Instead, give your employees the boost they need to advance in both the company and life.
One company has a large crew of long-term blue-collar employees that have never had much to do with computers. Many of them were dubious of technology and liked doing things the way they’d always been done. This meant that when the company wanted to use the Catalytic Coaching Online software, they were met with trepidation and blank stares.
In today’s ever connected world, every high school graduate has fairly advanced computer skills. Letting old school employees avoid building those skills is doing a disservice to them and the company. With a little Coaching and the right Development Plan goals, these workers won’t become obsolete in this digital age.

3. Come together.
We’ve seen it before, but it was particularly pronounced in the recent training: Companies forget to consider the value of bringing everyone together.
It’s never on purpose. Too often deadlines, schedules, quotas, and so many other things take center stage. The result is that communication and cultivating community can get crowded out. It might seem like soft science, but the hard fact is those are vital pieces for employee engagement and employee engagement directly affects your company’s productivity.
Bringing all of your people together on a regular basis will give you the opportunity to make important announcements, get vital face time in with your boots on the ground, give recognition for jobs well done, and provide a forum for company wide culture and communication. It will better facilitate company wide training, like converting over to the Catalytic Coaching system. Otherwise any large gathering of your employees can feel awkward and out of place, distracting everyone from learning objectives and interrupting camaraderie.

It has been a pleasure growing with these wonderful companies and we’re proud to welcome them into the Catalytic Coaching family.
Here’s to the next conversion and, with it, the next great learning experience.

Have your coaching efforts hit a bump in the road? Jessica, our Client Experience Specialist, will be happy to help smooth that out for you.
For any Catalytic Coaching questions, just email her at jessica.bowers@workplacedynamics.com.