What if your performance management system was actually an employee engagement tool? We offer exactly that. Our approach fixes what's broken by replacing the dreaded performance review with a method that energizes and engages the human spirit at work!


Catalytic Coaching

Catalytic Coaching is the perfect blend of Employee Engagement and Performance Management. It is a replacement for, not an addition to, traditional performance evaluations, and it is unique in three fundamental ways:

What is done
How it is done
Of all involved


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Get Certified

Become the Catalytic Coaching Expert your company needs by earning certification as a Program Coordinator and/or Coach2 at the Catalytic Coaching Course. Whether you are new to Catalytic Coaching, looking for missing framework, or campaigning for a change, this one-of-a-kind course will answer your questions.

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Beyond Catalytic Coaching

As awesome as Catalytic Coaching is, many of our clients find it to be just the beginning of truly transformational growth. Learn how companies have built upon their Catalytic Coaching experience to find improved communication, decision-making and engagement company-wide.

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How Catalytic Coaching Works


Coaching Input Sheet

Employee completes and presents an Input Sheet to Coach, including insights on experiences in the past year, important skills being developed and aspirations for the future.


Coaching Worksheet

Coach responds by completing and presenting a Coaching Worksheet to Employee. It contains three critical types of feedback: Strengths, Areas for Improvement and Development Recommendations.



Development Plan

Employee and Coach agree on a Personal Development Plan for the Employee, which is reviewed quarterly and helps to align the individual’s personal development to organizational goals.

Hundreds of Companies “Energaged”: